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Why EFG Hermes Factoring?

If you’re ready to expand your business or need help resolving cash flow issues, EFG Hermes Factoring is your best option. Our highly experienced team of professionals will assist your business both domestically and globally to grow sustainably without diluting equity or incurring further debt, while also reducing exposure to risk.

We're ready to start now

By selling your accounts receivables invoices to EFG Hermes Factoring, in a process known as “invoice factoring”, your business will immediately benefit from increased liquidity, allowing you to maintain a healthy relationship with your buyers or creditors, protect your business against bad debt, and increase your annual sales turnover.

Facts about managing accounts receivables

Receivables lose significant value over time. Figures from account receivables management services, show how invoices that are 90+ days overdue can lose a significant amount of their initial face value. This process, which is often referred to as the “time value of money”, can be detrimental for your business’ finances and hamper your future plans. In many cases, when a business relies on collection departments to collect their outstanding debt, it can be very costly and take long periods of time to gain access to needed liquidity. When partnering with EFG Hermes Factoring, you gain access to up to 90% of the invoice’s face value within 48 hours giving you more time and resources to devote to you business.

EFG Hermes Factoring has a unique approach to funding your business through a complete package of financial solutions.